Sunday, July 24, 2011

How My 9 Year Old became a Professional Drummer

OK, well, maybe not a professional drummer - but he did end up joining an adult band and earning money when he was 9.  Here is how it all started.  Most kids want to go out and play sports, play video games, skateboard, and a variety of other things when they are a kid.  And they can be persistent.  My kid was a little different.  He was drumming on trash cans when he was 6 and 7 and used to invite the kids over from around the block and give them toy guitars and other Fischer Price instruments we had around the house, like a tambourine or two pieces of wood to clank together.  And yes - he was still using the Fischer Price yellow drum sticks from the little drum he started pounding on when he was even younger.  In fact, it wasn't unusual to take out all of my steel and aluminum bowls and make all kinds of noisy sounds with them.  How fun!! (AND NOISY!)

So his older brother - 5 years older to be exact - started a band and Andrew begged to be the drummer.  With all the sibling rivalry, he was forever quitting or being kicked out of that band.  He became the fill-in drummer when the other drummer wasn't available - but that was about it.  Not that my other son's band was that good - actually, there were a lot of dissonant sounding notes in those days.

So, one day and every day thereafter, like a broken record it was "MOM!!!  You have to get me in a band!  I need to be in a band!"  We had just come back from Woodstock '99 so both boys came back home with certain feelings of musical entitlement!  TO BE CONTINUED......... 



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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Expert Business Gurus

I'm really excited to say that I've started a new site: .
Follow me as I start my journey to find who I feel are the best experts in various business categories. I'll review those I think are amazing and talk about the different products and tools they have available to help small businesses and entrepreneurs. I'll try to keep you updated here asto what will be coming. Meanwhile, as far as the League of Extraordinary Minds goes, I believe they are going to be starting up again by April, 2010. But we'll see! If there are special amazing business people you would like to hear more about, feel free to suggest them either here or on my site. Looking forward to getting some input! Ava

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Rare Chance to Learn from the World Class Business Leaders - for FREE!

The League of Extraordinary Minds

This is truly an amazing opportunity and I hope you will take full advantage of it. Something that is invaluable and totally FREE for 6 full weeks! Now how often does that happen! Let me reiterate, no credit card required! You just get to sit, observe, and learn from some of the greatest business leaders in our world today.

I’m guessing that you might know who Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham are? But in case you don’t, they are two of the biggest names in online and, in the case of Jay, off-line marketing. Both have generated multiple millions of dollars in profits with their own businesses (not to mention HUNDREDS of millions more for their clients). So their reputation is among the highest in the industry! I was studying the methods of Jay Abraham way back in the USC days. So yeah! Marketing guru! Someone I truly admire.
So, what is this program? Well, with The League of Extraordinary Minds, we'll hear directly from 53 of the world's leading business experts as they hand you their most unique, fresh, powerful, and highly individualized approaches to business building.. This is the real deal from the major players...the experts who consult with the billion dollar powerhouses like Google, Coca Cola, Microsoft, and dozens of other Fortune 500 companies.. And all ready to help usachieve the success of our dreams.

Here are some of the people we will hear from – I’m sure you’ve heard of some of them too!

Stephen Covey known for: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Brian Tracy: The Psychology of Selling: The Art of Closing Sales

Tony Robbins: Awaken the Giant Within

Jay Conrad Levinson: Guerilla Marketing

Dan Ariely: MIT Professor – Predictably Irrational

Christopher Morin – originator of neuromarketing

Ori Brafman – expert on behavioral economics

All of these great business leaders having agreed to participate in this program for one reason and one reason alone – to offer information to assist in the re-burgeoning of the entrepreneurial spirit and the re-growth of our American economy. It is truly an honorable program that is sorely needed and beneficial in these difficult times.
For six unforgettable weeks, we'll sit at the feet of the masters in a series of intimate panel settings, listening intently as they reveal their most closely hidden secrets for building a mega-profitable business.
Seriously--this "Group Think Tank" process has the capability to increase profits of many businesses by up to 1,000%--or more--before the year is over and this means more jobs created and, hopefully, a renewed economy. Even for those who don’t have their own business right now, I feel it is important for everyone to listen to what these experts from many different walks of life have to say. And the best part about it? The COST. Because, well....there is none! So, just go here now before it fills up!!! What? You didn’t click the above link? Well, please don’t wait too long to sign up because Rich and Jay are only allowing a certain number of people inside. And since the entire industry is buzzing about this, those spots will fill up in a heartbeat. I’m not kidding! So go here now and grab yours (NO Charge!) I'll see you there...
P.S. I'm only scratching the surface of what you'll get with "The League of ExtraordinaryMinds"...

- The Performance Enhancement Quotient

- How to Master your Universe

- Maximum Results from Minimum Efforts -
operating at Peak Performance - How to successfully deal with skeptical/apprehensive prospects and buyers... - How to instantly build granite-like trust and credibility... - How to build a huge online loyal community... - How to make your sales efforts 75% more successful... - Keys to direct marketing success... - How to persuade different personality types to buy from you... - The formula for becoming the ultimate entrepreneur... - How to make big things happen - fast! - The one business system that works today... And on and on and on. So go here to grab Rich and Jay's no-charge special offer. Can you say NO BRAINER? I can!

Lots of success to you in the coming days!!